Saturday, January 2, 2016


I dedicate this blog to our Lord and I humbly ask for His strength, guidance, and wisdom to blog in such a way that will bring Him glory and bless His people.

With this in mind, in this first blog entry I want to write about the name I have chosen for my blog:  parrēsiazomai .

Parrēsiazomai is a word from the Greek New Testament.  If you pronounce it like this, “par-ray-see-az-oh-my”, I think you’ll be pretty close.

Parrēsiazomai and it’s closely related noun form (parrēsia ) appear forty times in the New Testament.  In the Bible, when used of speaking, we see three main meanings:

1.  Parrēsia can mean to speak publically, before the whole world (John 7:13, John7:26, John 18:20)

2.  Parrēsia means to speak God’s truth clearly and plainly so that it is easy to understand what we are saying. (John 11:14, John 16:25)

3.  Parrēsia means to speak God’s truth without fear of what people might do to us. (Acts 4:13, Acts 4:29)

The apostles prayed that God would enable them to speak with parrēsia. (Acts 4:29)

Lord, help me to blog with parrēsia.  And also with grace and truth.  With gentleness.  With wisdom from you. Please guard me from hitting “post” when something isn’t right.  And please bless all who read this blog. Lord, use it for Your Kingdom purposes.

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