Monday, January 18, 2016

God Opposes the Proud (Why I Don’t Support Donald Trump, part 2)

When I posted about Donald Trump a few days I thought it would be a one-time subject for me (see my post, “Kings and Presidential Candidates”, right below this post).  But a video clip I saw this morning on CNN changed my mind.  I’ll get to that clip shortly.

In my previous post I mentioned that unfaithfulness to families, sexual immorality, and materialism are all wide spread sins in America today.  In a way, these sins are idols which are similar to Baal and Ashera in the Old Testament.  Another American idol is pride.  The Bible presents pride as one of the most terrible sins, for it says, “God opposes the proud” (James 4:6 and 1 Peter 5:5). 

Pride comes in many forms and produces a variety of rotten fruit.  One of the worst effects of pride is that it can blind people to their need for forgiveness.  Some people actually believe that their lives are good enough, and that they do so little “bad”, that they don’t need forgiveness.  They think they can have a great relationship with God based on their own goodness.  Tragically, based on his own words in two different video clips, Donald Trump appears to fit into this category.

The first clip is from the Family Leadership Summit last July.  Watch for yourself by clicking here:

Now, we might hope that, put on the spot and without time to think, Trump gave an answer which does not truly represent his heart.  In that case, when given an explicit opportunity to readdress the issue we would hope that he would clear things up.  Instead, we get this:

In both these video clips Trump sounds a lot more like the proud Pharisee than the humble tax collecter (Luke 18:10-14).

Sadly, I suspect that many who support Trump do so in part precisely because of his boasting and pride.  But do we really want a president who is known for being proud? A president who God will oppose?

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