Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Thanking God and Praying After the Election Victory

Trump receiving prayer during the campaign.

I thank God that the Republican Party won the Presidency and kept both the House and the Senate.  I’m not naïve.  I know the Republican Party is not a “savior” and has many flaws.  Yet, on a number of vitally important moral issues, the Republican Party record and platform is vastly better than that of the Democratic Party.  So I consider last night to be a gracious answer to prayer that quite honestly we did not deserve.

And I thank God that I was wrong when I said that Donald Trump would almost certainly lose the election.  In the end, despite serious reservations, I did vote for Trump for the reasons I stated in a previous blog post.

I also thank God for other ways He has blessed my family and my church family over the last two days of special prayer time.  We had a powerful time of ministry in our small church prayer meeting Monday and on Tuesday I got news of an unexpected blessing unrelated to the election.  God is good.

And now I continue to pray.

Lord, I don’t know if the secondhand reports that Donald Trump recently prayed to accept Christ are true.  If they are, thank you.  If not, I pray for his salvation.  And I pray that he will experience the deep transformation which all of your children long for and that he will learn to walk humbly with You.

Lord, I share the concerns that many of my brothers and sisters in Christ voiced about Trump’s past terrible moral example.  I also share their concern that many people could misinterpret Christians like myself voting for Trump and think it means we do not care about character or righteousness.  I pray that Trump’s past sins and moral failures will be viewed as a bad example, and not one to follow.

Heavenly Father, I pray that people will show Trump and his family grace and give him an opportunity to do well.  I thank You, God, that You really change people and that You also often use deeply flawed people (like myself!) for good.  At the same time, I pray that if it is ever right and good in your eyes, that the congress will take the various legal actions it can to hold Trump accountable. I hope and pray those type of actions will not be needed.

Heavenly Father, I pray that You will give Trump and other government leaders wisdom and courage to do what is right in your eyes.  There will be great pressure to conform to the evil in this world.  Give them strength to stand for what is right.

Lord, I specifically pray that You will guide our next President to keep his promises concerning the type of Supreme Court justices he will appoint.  And I pray that You will give the Senate the courage to take any and all legal actions they can to confirm godly justices.  This is likely to be big battle.  Our leaders need Your help.  Please help them.

Heavenly Father, I also ask specifically, and I know this is a bold request, that according to Your will, and by Your grace, Roe vs. Wade and other terrible court rulings, including those forcing states to accept homosexual marriage, will be overturned before the 2018 election.

Lord, we live in a dangerous world full of wars and bombs and armies which can and do cause wide spread suffering.  There are evil tyrants, hostile nations, and dangerous terrorists. Please give our next Commander in Chief great wisdom and courage to lead our military well and to be a leader for good among the nations.

Heavenly Father, we also ask that you will fill our leaders with the wisdom, compassion, and strength they will need to deal with complex issues like immigration and trade.

Finally, Lord I ask that You will use all that has happened and will happen for Your great Kingdom purposes.  I pray that You will help Your people to remain focused on the great calling to know You and to make You Known among all the nations.

To God be all the power, honor, and glory.  Amen.

Hebrews 13:16 And do not forget to do good and to share with others . . .

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