Thursday, July 28, 2016

What to do when Evil is Cheered

At the Democratic National Convention yesterday, the President of NARAL Pro Choice America shared how she had become pregnant at an inconvenient time, and so she killed her unborn baby.  She was not confessing sin, she was celebrating her “freedom”.  The crowd’s response?  They cheered.  You can read about it and watch it yourself (if you have the stomach) here.

Tragically, this is not new.  Four years ago the democrats also cheered for abortion.  You can read about that here.

They no longer even pretend to want abortion to be “rare, safe, and legal” (as the Democrats used to say).  Of course it has never been safe for the tiny unborn humans who have their limbs ripped off, or who are poisoned to death.  But at least back in the 90’s they presented abortion as a tragic necessity.  They were wrong, but instead of getting less wrong they have gotten far more wrong.  Now they cheer and celebrate abortion.  And they are unapologetically fighting to have your tax dollars pay for it.

When evil is cheered and promoted, what can we do?

Evil can be compared to having a severe infection which if not treated will lead to death.  Such an infection often produces a high fever.  Taking medicine like Tylenol to help with the fever can be part of the treatment.  But if you only treat the fever, the patient will die.  You need strong anti-biotics to cure the disease.

In the same way, evil being cheered by the democrats calls for different levels of response.

Should Bible believing Christians oppose the Democratic Party?  I unapologetically say yes, we should.  Practically speaking, will this mean voting for Republicans? Most of the time I think so, yes.  Although sometimes a Republican candidate might be so bad that we should vote for neither party.  But talking about who to vote for is like talking about giving aspirin to a patient with a life threating infection.  Sure, it might help and be the right thing to do, but it is not the main thing that needs to be done.

Voting and politics are impotent to rescue us.  Only Jesus and the Gospel can do that.

So by all means vote.  But far more importantly strive to serve God with all your heart.  Use your God given gifts to build up His church.  Give sacrificially.  Be devoted to prayer.  Increase your time in your prayer closet.  Meet more often with others to pray.  Reach out and share God’s love and truth with your hurting neighbors.  Love more.  Confess your own sins and repent.  Who knows?  God may yet have mercy on our nation and send us what we most desperately need: a spiritual revival.

By a spiritual revival, I mean a mighty work of the Holy Spirit which results in a whole lot more people loving Jesus a whole lot more.  It will include more people falling in love with Jesus for the first time when they hear and believe the gospel, are baptized, and begin to follow Him. True revival will result in many getting free from habitual sin.  The deeds and attitudes of the flesh will be replaced by the fruit of the Spirit. It will mean many who have lost their “first love” turning back to Jesus for healing and grace and renewal. 

Revival will result in many Christians being freshly filled with the Holy Spirit and empowered for ministry.  Many new people will be called to new ministries. Revival will result in churches being filled again.  Revived people will be joyfully singing praises to God.

One last thing about what revival will bring.  Women will still talk about their abortions.  But they will do so on their knees as they speak with their Heavenly Father.  And they will find grace, healing, and forgiveness.  And there will be cheering in Heaven as the lost are found and the wounded are healed.

Jesus alone is our hope. Only God, through the Holy Spirit, can bring true revival. Fix your eyes on Him.

p.s.  Thanks to Emily Pixler, whose post on Facebook was seen by my wife, Hope, who in turn alerted me to the news about cheering for abortion at the DNC.

Hebrews 13:16 And do not forget to do good and to share with others . . .

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