Friday, July 22, 2016

An Open Blog Post to Fox News Urging You to Take this Opportunity to Clean Up

I am praying for Fox News.

Many of us who are Christians and who hold conservative moral and social views thank God that Fox News often shares stories we care about which are far less commonly found on any of the other major news networks.  We are also glad that you treat conservative, Bible believing Christians more fairly than other networks do.  Every news reporter and commentator and editor has a worldview.  This world view colors the tone of interviews, and influences which stories to emphasize and which to can. The world view at some other major networks seems to be very hostile to Biblical Christianity.  For this reason, we are thankful that Fox has brought some alternatives and some balance.

It is precisely because there are some things about Fox which I value that it disturbs me deeply that there has long been a glaring inconsistency.  In several ways, Fox News promotes and encourages sexual immorality.  Specifically:

·         The way Fox News consistently has attractive female reporters wear very short skirts and then sit facing the camera, often with no table or anything else in front of them, is simply inappropriate and inexcusable.  It does not honor the ladies, many of whom seem to be excellent reporters and speakers.  They do not deserve to be treated like eye candy. 
·         On the Fox News website there are a large amount of “sexually tantalizing” stories about women being topless, or posing nude, or similar stories.  Like most stories, these stories are accompanied by a little photo, and while the little photos are “PG rated”, they are still immoral and encourage men to think of women as sex objects.

The truth is, I was not at all surprised when I heard that multiple allegations of serious sexual harassment had led to the resignation of the CEO of Fox News, Roger Ailes.  I would not have known his name two weeks ago, but I know that the character of a leader influences those under him in many ways.  If the allegations are true, it explains a lot.

Now that Ailes has resigned, Fox News has an opportunity to make some changes.  I hope and pray that leaders there will work to change the culture in a way that models and encourages greater respect for women.  I honestly don’t know how such changes will affect Fox News ratings or their financial bottom line.  There is a real possibility that littering Fox News with “eye candy” is financially beneficial in the short run.  But I hope there are some leaders at Fox News who truly fear God.  Such leaders will give more weight to God’s blessing than to whatever temporary and deceitful gains immorality may seem to bring.

Making the needed changes will require moral courage and inner strength.  Such changes, whether in our individual lives or in an organization, are always opposed by the world, our own sinful desires, and the devil.  If any Fox News leader ever reads this, know that in addition to writing this blog post, I have gotten down on my knees and prayed for you.  May God bless Fox News and make you a blessing to others.

Hebrews 13:16 And do not forget to do good and to share with others . . .

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