Friday, May 12, 2017

A Mother's Heart is Like Her Lord's

I wrote this poem for my Mom in 2013.  I thank God for the many ways He has used my mother to show me His love. Before you read the poem, I have a few brief preliminary thoughts.

A "mother's heart" reflects part of the the image of God by reflecting His tender care and fierce devotion to His children. All women are intended to have a "mother's heart".  This includes women who are not biological mothers.  I have seen great examples of women who do not have their own children and yet show God's love to many in the way He designed them to do. God uses the beautiful and powerful "mother's heart" He gave them in many ways.

Sin is so terrible that in some cases it can corrupt even a mother's love.  Some of you who read this may not have been blessed to have a mother who loved you the way God intended mothers to love.  This says nothing about you.  We don't get to pick the family we are born into.  Yet, in another way, we do get to pick a family. The church is God's family. That means as Christians the church is also our family (Matthew 12:50). Our biological family is temporary. God's family is eternal. There are older women in God's churches who are full of love which they are glad to share with you.

Finally, as you read this poem, remember that it is a celebration of both a mother's loving heart and of God's great love.  God loves you and His love and care for you are reflected in the kind, patient, giving, sacrificing love we see in mothers.

A Mother’s Heart is Like Her Lord’s

When God made a mother’s heart, He made it like his own 
And into the heart of every Mom, some of His great love is sown.

Our Heavenly Father sends us bread and meets all of our needs, 
And we see this in a mother, as her young children she feeds.

God watches over us, to protect us on the way, 
And for her children’s safety, a mother night and day will pray.

God hears our prayers when we are sick and helps us when we fall, 
And a mother will run quickly, when she hears a hurt child call.

God’s love moved him to make history’s greatest sacrifice 
And a mother loves her children more than she loves her own life.

In the end God will gather His children when we hear the trumpet sound, 
And a mother longs for nothing more than to have her children gathered round.

A mother’s heart is like her Lord’s. 

- written for my Mom, by Mark Corbett

To make it easy to share this poem in different formats, I have put it into a photo (a jpeg file) which you may find below. You should be able to click on it, and copy the photo.  Feel free to share it with anyone, anywhere (as long as you share it without cost).

Hebrews 13:16 And do not forget to do good and to share with others . . .


  1. Beautiful poem, Mark! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Going to use this in our bulletin Sunday! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Read this during our Sunday service yesterday. Not a dry eye in the whole place. Thanks for letting me share.

  4. I thank God that He has seen fit to use this poem to bless others which He inspired through my mom and through His own great love!