Tuesday, February 9, 2016

There are Many Types of Reasons to Believe in God, Jesus, and the Bible (Part #2 in the Why I Believe series)

Why do I believe in God, Jesus, and the Bible?  There are so many reasons!  In fact, there are whole categories, each with subcategories, of reasons.

To me, these reasons are like a spider web in several ways.

1.  All the reasons are interconnected.
2.  No one category of reasons has to come first.  God uses different types of reasons in different ways for each believer.
3.  Some strands are thicker, more important, than other stands.
4.  Each main strand (category) is supported by a number of smaller strands (subcategories or particular examples and experiences).
5.  The web does not have to be perfect to achieve its purpose of producing a strong belief.  This is such a relief, because there is a lot I don’t know!  If there is a particular issue that I don’t understand or can’t explain, it’s like having a single strand of the web missing or torn.  The web can still be very strong overall.  And by God’s grace, it is very strong!

So, what are my categories?  Here are the main ones I am currently hoping to write about in future blog posts:

I believe in God, Jesus, and the Bible because:

1.    I see evidence for God in the created universe
2.    the Bible is so convincing
3.    I’ve had personal experiences with God’s supernatural work that I can’t explain away
4.    I’ve seen and heard the testimony and lives of other Christians
5.    God’s truth and ways make more and more sense as I go through life
6.    the subjective, very powerful, feeling of God’s presence is in my life
7.    the alternatives to Christianity are pathetic in comparison

There have been many books written on most, if not all, of the categories above.  I don’t plan to write seven books’ worth of blog posts, but for several of the categories above I will likely have several separate posts. In some cases I will recommend books and websites for further study and inspiration.

I’ve tried to capture the sense of where I want to go with this blog series in this short poem:

Lord, How could I not Believe in You?

When I watch Your flocks of birds above me fly,
In endless lines against a predawn painted sky,
Your wisdom, power, and glory like warm sunshine I feel,
And then I cannot doubt that my Creator God is real.

Your Apostles in Your Bible speak convincingly to me;
They do not speak of fables, but tell what their own eyes did see.
Some men lie for their advantage, but when the Apostles testified
It brought them beatings, prison, and death; so I don’t believe they lied.

I’ve seen a few supernatural signs which speak clearly to my heart,
Like when You spoke the same word to my wife and me when we were far apart;
Or when our small group all heard that demon voice before it was cast out,
And other little signs and dreams there’s not space here to share about.

There’s more evidence inside me, though that’s harder to explain.
I feel You in my heart and mind, where I want You to reign.
You really walk and talk with me as I go through each day,
And I feel You in a special way when on my knees I pray.

In this world around me, in Your Word, and in my heart and mind,
There are endless reasons to believe and always new evidence to find.
Please open eyes so others may see wonderful signs that point to You,
And soon, like me, they’ll cry out, “Lord, how could I not believe in You!”

You can continue to read the "Why I Believe . . ." series here:

Hebrews 13:16 And do not forget to do good and to share with others . . .


  1. Beautifully written.I think we all have those moments of clarity, when we know that we know . As I think about your poem and how it conveys the wonderment of your walk with Him, I am encouraged to look more closely at my surroundings. Thank you for your faithfulness to share. <><

  2. Mark, this is Gimpy1 from Ben Corey's blog. I'm just starting to look at your writings. I like your spider-web metaphor, with some threads carrying less weight than others.